~what-if-a-bear’s for the love of god someone get this stuff out of my house giveaway~

i did some cleaning and found some anime merch that i dont need anymore, so i’m doing a really short shitty giveaway!

some stuff is in the pictures above, the other stuff i couldnt get quality pics of but i can show you if you ask

~What you could Win~ 

~5-10 old pokemon coins (i have way, way more than shown, all of first gen)

~ A sailor moon lunchbox, in pretty good condition

~ A set of 5 pokemon wristbands

~Hetalia pillows (hungary, denmark and japan) + country flags (10 x 6 inches, various European countries) 

~ Squad 10 necklace  + Urahara plushie

~ Small Homestuck prints of Rose, John and Eridan

~ I can make simple homestuck shirts and horns too if you want

~ And various other small things from other fandoms! 

~How to Win~

~ like/ reblog this post by October 1st! I don’t care how many times you enter

~there will be two winners, first winner can take whatever they want, and 2nd winner can take what they dont want

~ if youre following me ill throw in extra stuff too, if you want it

~ good luck! 

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christmas is so much worse as you get older it’s like “what do you want this year?” “a sense of purpose”

"a career" "financial security" "a sex life" "tuition for grad school" "alcohol" "a nap" "socks would be nice"

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Dogs get pranked

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living in a small town is wonderful

  • are there a lot of modes of transportation? nope! you either drive or you’re out of luck basically
  • are there a lot of job opportunities? no! of course not
  • are there things to do? hang out at the grocery store or go to the only movie theater the town has!
  • are the people nice? of course not! not at all!
  • are you close to anything interesting? nope! everything interesting happens hours away and you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere
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August is just the sunday of summer

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what’s the difference between a dirty bus stop and a lobster with breast implants ?

one’s a crusty bus station and one’s a busty crustacean

#i’ve told this joke a million times and it NEVER fails
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psst anyone going to the u of mn twin cities campus i know i have a lot of mn followers and that tends to be a pretty popular school

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xstfuh xhelp i dont know anYONE GOING THERE xILL BE ALONE AH


he looks so done and only has a nose

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cats are squishy cartoon friends that live in your house with you and do rad stunts. if they like you they vibrate at you very loudly. this is somehow a real animal

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